Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nov 20: "God With Us" live webcast, Kathleen Norris & Gregory Wolfe

Last year at this time, I was pretty burnt out. Advent provided restoration, most specifically through Greg Pennoyer's God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas, through which God made good on the promise of Psalm 23, "His rod and staff, they comfort me... He makes me to lie down... He restoreth my soul." (Rivers And Tides also came into it...)

2008 has been a far kinder year to me, I'm relieved to say, but I still approach Advent - and Greg's book - with a sense of tremendous expectation. In that spirit, let me tell you about an online event connected with the book and the season.

God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas
Live web-cast on Nov. 20th

In a season and culture that has been overwhelmed by the expectations and demands of commercialism, you are invited to participate in an exploration of the mystery and wonder of the Advent and Christmas season with Award Winning Poet and New York Times Best-Seller Kathleen Norris, and Editor of Image Journal, Gregory Wolfe.

On Thursday, November 20, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern), Kathleen and Greg will host a live conversation on the meaning of the Advent and Christmas Season.

To bookmark this date and receive free access, and to participate November 20, go to the website.

Along with renowned spiritual writers such as Eugene Petersen and Luci Shaw, Kathleen Norris and Gregory Wolfe have created the popular book of art and daily reflections entitled God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas.

Rooted in the reflections and art of the book, Kathleen and Gregory will spend 60 minutes in conversation on this profoundly important topic and will interact with audience members from across North America, responding to the questions or comments submitted before and during the conversation.

We welcome you to participate in this rediscovery of the meaning of this significant season and this rare opportunity to interact with such unique authors as Kathleen Norris and Gregory Wolfe. For more information about Kathleen, Greg or the book, see the Rediscover Christmas web site.

Celebrate the meaning of Christmas and support Pacific Theatre too. $4 from the sale of every book will go to Pacific Theatre.
Please enter JF code PT120 when placing an order. And feel free to pass on this opportunity to your friends!

This online conversation is co-sponsored by Imago, Image Journal, Sign-post Music and Pacific Theatre.

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