Thursday, October 30, 2008


Check out what Jerry Wasserman says in THE PROVINCE about MOURNING DOVE at Pacific Theatre:

...In the play, we never see the daughter, here named Tina Ramsay, though we hear her whimpers and groans (voiced effectively from offstage by Laura Van Dyke). Angela Konrad's Pacific Theatre represents Tina by a circle of light on the floor of her father Doug's workshop. The absence of a physical body...puts the focus squarely on [the other characters] and the choices they make.

Doug (Kerry van der Griend), wife Sandra (Anita Wittenberg) and family friend Keith (Ron Reed) put on a play about Noah's ark for Tina. The Noah play is theatrically lame but cleveral poses the play's central issue: For every two animals that Noah chose, he left behind 100 to drown. Who get to choose who lives and dies, on what grounds? And what's God's role in all this?

...Van der Griend's strong, stoic Doug no doubt does it for love - the quetsion is whether he has the right to do it at all. He offers the play's most powerful argument when he has Keith tie him up in the wrenching, painful position that Tina lives in all the time.

Reed does an excellent job with Keith, easily the play's most theatrical character but also its most stagey. Wittenberg has the toughest job with Sandra...

Simple, shattering moments...make this play worth seeing.

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