Friday, October 17, 2008

MOURNING DOVE a "Straight Choice"

The Georgia Straight has chosen PT's MOURNING DOVE as its Straight Choice for theatre this week.
Pacific Theatre Presents Mourning Dove

When it comes to morally challenging work, Pacific Theatre doesn’t mess around. From Friday (October 17) to November 15, the company will present Emil Sher’s Mourning Dove in its home space at West 12th and Hemlock. The script was inspired by Robert Latimer’s killing of his severely disabled daughter, Tracy, but Sher’s central character, Doug, has doubts about his actions. And Keith, a mentally and physically disabled family friend, reminds him of the life he cut short. In 2007, director Angela Konrad won a Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for best director in a small-theatre production for Grace, her last outing with this company. The strong cast includes Kerry van der Griend and Ron Reed.

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