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If you saw the guest production of THE GLASS MENAGERIE at Pacific Theatre several years back, you'll remember Jade Shaw's exquisite performance as Laura, brother to Ian Farthing as Tom, and opposite Bob Fraser's Jessie-nommed Gentleman Caller. Well, Jade launched her own company, and is onstage soon...

Squidamisu Theatre
Stewart Lemoine’s
Shocker’s Delight!
January 15 - 24, Wednesday through Saturday
Preview January 14
Time: 8 pm
Saturday matinees at 2pm
The Beaumont Stage, 316 West 5th Ave. Vancouver
Tix 604.603.0695 /
Info 604.880.8039

"Stewart Lemoine is an original. There is simply no one, anywhere, who writes like this Edmonton playwright. Shocker's Delight! is simple. Spare. Powerful." Colin Maclean, CBC

Shocker’s Delight! is a love story gone askew. It is the story of lifelong friends Marcus, Julia, and Rory, who meet as students in the mid 1950's. Their study of the eclectic disciplines of ballroom dancing, golf, and 19th century furniture design provides the backdrop for a classic tussle of emotional versus intellectual attraction. A story that begins in a collegiate whirl of boilermakers improvised in rowboats and late night Latin dance assignations, transcends its whimsical beginnings when an unforeseeable calamity give rise to a resolution of ecstatic and unexpected beauty linking the present, the future, and the distant past.

Directed by Matthew Kowalchuk and starring Paul Herbert, Jade Shaw and Richard Stroh. Shocker’s Delight! will be the second production for the burgeoning Squidamisu Theatre.

Stewart Lemoine's plays are highly imaginative and witty comedies. They are contemporary fairy tales for adults, which juxtapose the strange and the familiar, and are often deeply moving.

About the Playwright
Stewart Lemoine is an Edmonton-based playwright, director and producer. Over the course of his career, Lemoine has written over sixty plays including All These Heels (1982), Two Tall Too Thin (1992), Shockers Delight! (1993), Pith! (1997), the Exquisite Hour (2002) and At the Zenith of the Empire (2006).
Lemoine is the winner of four Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards, the New York International Fringe Festival’s Award for Overall Excellence in Playwriting and in 2008, Lemoine was honoured with the Tommy Banks Performing Arts Award.

About Squidamisu Theatre
Squidamisu Theatre (pronounced: squid-a-mi-su), was established in 2008 by actors Jade Shaw and Richard Stroh. Upon the completion of their first undertaking, Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain, the company was officially born. The moniker, Squidamisu, is inspired by a scene in that play, and is a rare and unique late-night delicacy that is comprised of tiramisu ... and squid. With that, the company promises to inject the theatrical equivalent into the Vancouver arts scene.

Squidamisu Theatre. Things are not always as they seem.

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