Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feb 26 - Mar 29: Kevin Brady in THE COMPLEX

Kevin Brady was one of our early apprentices at Pacific Theatre, who happened to understudy Dirk in MASS APPEAL on the afternoon that Jo Ledingham happened to come see the show and gave him a stellar review. He returned home to Seattle, has done tons of work with Taproot Theatre and various improv groups, and we brought him back up to play Bob in HOSPITALITY SUITE and Robert in THE CLEARING. Kevin's now in the middle of the run of his own original show - with this terrific review! I'm seriously thinking of heading south to see it.

The Complex
Feb 26 - Mar 29 | Thu-Sat 8:30, Sun 7pm
Unexpected Productions, 1428 Post Alley, Seattle

Seattle Weekly review by Jenna Nand:
An autobiographical improv show: I was just as skeptical as you probably are. But Kevin Brady’s self-portrayal as a twitchy, yuppified college grad receiving a crash course in the “real world” (a la Capitol Hill) gets a gold star from me.

We join the artist as a young man setting off to make his mark in the theater scene and learning that he’s gotta eat, too. Brady accepts a gig as an apartment manager and finds himself playing Father Confessor-cum-nanny to a literary cast of misfits, strippers (one of Derek Kavan’s 50 roles), mute drug-dealers (Lisa Keeton), and gothic screamers (Kavan again, who flexed serious improv muscle with credible, lightning-fast character changes). As director, Randy Dixon coaxed deliriously funny barrages from the complex’s resident crazies, an alcoholic antique collector (Troy Mink) and an elderly car vandal (Susie Simpkins).

I take my hat off to the cast’s realistic abruptness of dialogue and gentle, though not maudlin, handling of society’s various unsavories. But I will admit it did give me the skin-crawls to realize that since this is all based on Brady’s true-life experiences, I could be sitting next to some of these characters on the bus every day.

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