Monday, March 23, 2009

Mar 27-28: Joel Stephanson in OLEANNA

UPDATE: Scheduling glitches at the performance venue mean there are only two nights to see Joel in OLEANNA.  Book fast!


Those of you with long memories will recall Joel Stephanson's charming performance in TRAVELER IN THE DARK. Tim Dixon and Erla Faye Forsyth were his folks, and I was his grandfather. (Now that's creepy: IF you have long memories, you MAY recall a time when I was a grandfather. Now I feel old). Anyhow, with more PT involvement for Joel likely on the horizon, it's a pleasure to let you know about this upcoming show...

by David Mamet
Mar 27-28, 8pm
Little Mtn Studios | 196 E 26th, off Main

Directed by Victor Ayala.
Featuring Joel Stephanson and Bo Jovanovic.
Produced by Salem Theatre Company.
Tickets at the door - a mere $10! (come early)

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