Saturday, May 16, 2009

June 4-6: Then Comes Spring, with music by Lance Odegard

Soul Food afficionado Rudi Krause saw this and recommends it. Music by Lance Odegard. Makes me sense a Regent connection.

Then Comes Spring...
...a one-man, one-act experiment in self help
by James Simpson

"I wanted to experiment with the idea of putting sound-bites, quotes and slogans from our celebrity, advertising and self-help cultures in the mouth of a homeless man because the irony of that juxtaposition seemed powerful to me... and considering our culture's obsession with wealth and well-being at any cost, along with the rising fear surrounding the 'financial crisis', I was interested in ways of challenging us to re-evaluate the kinds of stories we allow ourselves to be enticed by." James Simpson

Buy your tickets in advance for this blockbuster starring James Simpson with music provided by talented singer-songwriter Lance Odegard

June 4th - 6th at Havana Restaurant Theatre - 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

For advance tickets please pay on-line or email us:

If you buy on-line, your tickets can be picked up at the venue on the night of the show.

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