Thursday, May 07, 2009


May 14 - June 13

Much excitement around Pacific Theatre these days, with all the craziness of YOU STILL CAN'T permeating the place. Definitely make plans to see this home-grown sequel to YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU: we're having a blast, and want you to get in on the fun. And if you want a bigger helping of the zaniness, we're still looking for Daves! There's a small, very fun walk-on, non-speaking role (well, that's not strictly true: you do have to say the word "Dave" at one point...) that we we need to fill. If you can do even three performances between May 14 and June 13, call 604.731.5483 and ask for Laura Hamel. (More detail on Daves at the blog.)

We're also looking for a handful of props for the show. Anybody got a Mets cap? A Yankees cap? A portable ghetto blaster with decent sound that might pass for 1989 vintage? Inflatable furniture? If we could borrow any of the above, call 604.731.5483 and ask for our props master, Linsy Rotar.


Speaking of Alison (we were, back in that first paragraph), she's now singing with the VOC Soul Gospel Choir, and they've got a concert May 9. Anthony Ingram and Michael Kopsa are involved in 36 VIEWS which runs through May 23, there's a new novel by Sholem Aleichem about a traveling theatre that I think would make a darn fine play, animator Ken Priebe has a little mini-festival of animation coming up at his church, and we tip our graduation caps to TWU's Aaron Caleb who was recently awarded the Davis Distinguished Teacher Award."


Spring is slack season for substantial movies, but SUNSHINE CLEANING is a pleasing pop-indie flick about reconciliation, and even some nice nods heavenward. TROUBLE THE WATER is in a limited run at Cinematheque May 6-10, and Atom Egoyan's ADORATION opens here May 8. Peter Chattaway provides us with nifty Chesterton ruminations on stage, screen and history. In stolen moments over the past month I've been messing around with movie lists, and have come up with 55 Films You No Longer Need To See Before You Die and 34 Films I Do Want To See Before I Die (THE APARTMENT was amazing!).

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