Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 20-29: Kat Gauthier in MACBETH

Remember Kat Gauthier, who was so lovely as Sky in YOU STILL CAN'T?

Limbo Circus Theatre presents...
William Shakespeare's "MACBETH"
August 20- 29 8pm | Aug 23 @ 4:00pm + 10:00pm | Pay-what-you-can Aug 25 | No show Aug 24
Little Mountain Studios, 195 E. 26th @ Main Street
778 996-2339

To what lengths would you go to control your own fate? This question is explored in a passionate and unconventional telling of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

Using diverse design components, this Limbo Circus Co-op unearths the roots of the Bard’s haunting tale of vaulting ambition. From flashlights to traditional theatre lights, recorded music to original compositions, from classical to modern influences, we have created a world that is all our own.

With artists from Studio 58, Capilano University, Douglas College, University of Calgary, University of British Columbia and Trinity Western University, this production boasts an innovative and creative theatre experience for people from all walks of life.

Directed by Kevin Bennett. Featuring: Rachel Aberle, Scott Button, Raes Calvert, Joy Castro, Rhys Finnick, Carly Friesen, Katherine Gauthier, Elizabeth Kirkland, Andrew Lynch, Pandora Morgan, Jenna Reed

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