Friday, August 27, 2010

Reasons to Subscribe

There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to ANY arts organization that you are a fan of - here's just a few reasons why you might want to subscribe to Pacific Theatre's 2010-2011 season. Keep in mind that if you subscribe before September 7th you'll get our early bird discount! Check out our subscription order info here.

Support for us

When you subscribe to a season at Pacific Theatre, whether you get our 4-show Sampler Pass or all out with an Everything Pass, you are making a clear statement of support for the theatre in two ways.

The first is financial: with every subscription our financial picture for the year gets a little more clear. The money from you subscription goes directly to pay for things like building materials for sets and costumes - things that need to be paid for before the show opens and the rest of the ticket sales role in.

The second way you support us is a little less tangible: when you subscribe you are literally buying into our season in advance. You are showing in no uncertain terms that you find value in the work that we do and want to make sure it continues, and that, my friends, is priceless.

Benefits for you

Buying a subscription is not just an act of charitable support for the theatre! You get some great benefits as a subscriber that others only dream about. A few of these benefits include:
  • The right to exchange your tickets as much as you like without paying a cent in exchange fees, so long as you give us 24 hours notice (single ticket purchasers pay $4 per ticket for an exchange)
  • First grab at seats - our subscribers pick where they want to sit first
  • Huge savings on your ticket purchases
  • Free admission to our Stone's Throw and Apprentice Showcases
Don't miss a show

How many times have you had the best intentions to get out and see a show and then suddenly realized that it passed you by? It's easy to get busy and forget to book tickets until it's too late, and then you're left hearing about how great the show was from all your friends. When you subscribe you are pre-booked in - no risk of missing a show because it's already in your calendar!

Great programming!

Okay, this is the part where I flog all the great upcoming PT shows. You can also get a sneak peak to our season here.

THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED - September 24-October 16
When a widowed Episcopal minister hires an agnostic gay man as her scholarly assistant she may have found the missing link in an estranged relationship with her son. Produced by one2theatre.

PLAYLAND - November 4-27
New Years Eve, 1989. Two South Africans, a black security guard and a white soldier, meet at a traveling amusement park.

CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR - December 9-January 1
On-air magic and off-stage romance combine in Philomena and Percival B. Frank's annual Christmas radio show - comfy as a cup of mulled cider. Produced by Midnight Theatre Collective.

MY NAME IS ASHER LEV - January 27-February 26
A poignant coming of age story of a young Jewish prodigy is forced to decide between his love for God and his desperate need to make art.

JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN - March 10-April 2
Rikers Island. Two men sit in solitary confinement. One a serial killer, the other accused of a murder he doesn't think was a crime. An uncompromising drama about contrition and hypocrisy. Produced by Glass City Theatre

JAKE'S GIFT - April 6-16
When a crusty, down-on-his-luck WW2 veteran reluctantly visits Juno Beach, he encounters a precocious ten-year-old who challenges him to confront some long-ignored ghosts.

THE GREAT DIVORCE - May 19-June 18
A theologically dazzling journey studded with memorable characters and images of human folly and sublime hope that will forever change the way you see eternity.

Second Stage Events
December 14, 19&20 at PT
December 17 on the North Shore
December 18 in the Valley

April 29&30

January 8
June 25

Vancouver Fringe Festival
September 8-18
DIRT by Robert Schneider
MIRACLE IN RWANDA by Leslie Lewis Sword
STRETCH DOG by Robert Olguin
(NB: Tickets to all Fringe shows can only be purchased through the Fringe office or on their website.)

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