Sunday, August 22, 2010

Season Preview: Busy World is Hushed

This season we're playing host to a swath of guest production companies from our community. Our season opens with Adam Bergquist's (former apprentice, remember him from A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS?) company one2theatre producing THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED by Keith Bunin.

Set in the library of an intellectual New York theologian, three individuals with widely differing backgrounds are searching for an answer to their own loneliness and a safe place to land. Brant is a 30-year-old gay man (Adam Bergquist) living alone and losing his father to a terminal illness. A writer by trade, Brant applies for a job with a widowed Episcopalian Priest named Hannah (Jessie Award winner Gina Chiarelli) to assist in translating an ancient gospel. When her son (Sebastian Kroon) bursts in from a game he plays with himself called “get lost” in order to test his survival skills, both Brant and Hannah begin looking for ways to entice him to stay. With intellectual fire each character brings their own opinions and biases to the floor, but finding a common ground might be near impossible. God, family, religion and sexuality are all grappled with and fought over. But there are no easy answers as everyone searches for a safe place to land and peace at the last.

September 23-October 16 at Pacific Theatre
Directed by Richard Wolfe

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