Monday, September 13, 2010

sep 17-19 | diana squires | macbeth

Word just in from Dice Squires, who PT audiences will remember from GODSPELL this spring. "Light Of The World," anyone? In the picture below: sheep, unamused, bottom left.

Performing Shakespeare outdoors (or quasi-outdoors, a la Bard on the Beach) is quite a popular thing. And then there are those productions that reeeally sink their teeth into all that it can mean to make nature your stage. I'm tickled pink to tell you about a production of Macbeth which falls decidedly into that category. For three performances only, a coven of witches will lead the audience through a roving performance of The Scottish Play that uses a diverse array of areas within the park to enliven the many settings within the play. Picture actors standing in the ocean with their audience on the shore. Imagine supernatural creatures casting spells from a swingset. That's what this show promises, and all to fundraise for The Shakespeare Centre here in Vancouver.

Something wicked this way comes on September 17, 18, and 19 with a 6pm start time on a gradually darkening stage! The "damned spot" is, to be precise, the obliging Tatlow & Volunteer Parks in Kitsilano - where MacDonald St & West Point Grey Road meet. Admission is by donation. One of the witches looks frighteningly like myself.

See you there!

Luv, Dice

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