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vancouver fringe festival | your PT-friendly guide!

As you all know already, PT is playing host to four fantastic shows which we've invited onto our stage as a BYOV in the Fringe Festival this year. While these are four shows you definitely do not want to miss, there are plenty more shows that members of the PT family are involved in this year. Here's your handy-dandy guide to everything PT at this year's Fringe! (Note: all tickets through The Vancouver Fringe website or at the door, but not through the Pacific Theatre box office.)


by Doug Curtis, performed by Giovanni Mocibob
Gio is a new arrival in Vancouver from Rosebud, and exceptionally gifted and charismatic actor. You'll be seeing more of him on our stage - including his performance in the title role of My Name Is Asher Lev in January
A young Christopher Columbus (no, not that one) has it on good authority he should become a paper boy - God told him to. So what's so important about delivering papers?
"Overflows with a beguiling mix of wit, humour, and intelligence. It's mesmerizing." Calgary Sun
WHERE: Pacific Theatre
WHEN: F10@11pm, Sa11@1&7, Tu14@5 & 11, W15@7, Th16@9, F17@7, Sa18@3

written and performed by Robert Olguin
Rob graduated from theatre at TWU, apprenticed with PT then grabbed an MFA at the University of Washington, one of North America's top theatre training programs. This show marks the inaugural production of Glass City Theatre, PT's company-in-residence this season: watch for their Last Days Of Judas Iscariot next spring, by Last Days Of Judas Iscariot playwright Stephen Adley Giurgis
Think of the worst commercial you've ever seen. Now think of the poor jerk who had to be in it. He didn't want to be there, but he's got a wife, a baby, a mortgage, and believe it or not, talent.
"Painfully hilarious. By turns Rob Olguin gives belly laughs and cringingly honest accounts of his version of the Human Condition." Mark Jenkins, The Actor's Studio
WHERE: Pacific Theatre
WHEN: Th9@9pm, F10@9, Sa11@5 & 11, Tu14@9, W15@11, Th16@5, F17@5, Sa18@7

written and performed by Leslie Lewis Sword
This show was put forward to us by PT regular Kerry Vander Griend (who directs Miracle) as "a perfect fit" for PT. It is. After performing the show internationally, Leslie has relocated to Vancouver, and we're proud to introduce her to Vancouver audiences.
Recommended, Marsha Lederman, Globe & Mail
For 91 days, Immaculee hid in a bathroom from machete-wielding killers. Twelve years later she returns the the tiny room that saved her life.
"A genuine inspiration. Sword's one-woman performance makes riveting theatre." The Village Voice
WHERE: Pacific Theatre
WHEN: Th9@5/11 , F10@4:30, W15@9, Th16@7, F17@9, Sa18@1/5/11

by Robert Schneider, performed by Christopher Domig
Ron met Chris at an arts conference at Schloss Mittersill in Austria several years back. Since then, an MFA at Southern Methodist University (another of America's top acting programs, Craig Erickson's an alum), then "Best Actor" Award in the New York Fringe Festival for this extraordinary little show...
An illegal Iraqi immigrant sells roses on the street to people who won't meet his eye. "My name is Sad. Actually, Saddam. A first name, just like Adolf or Jesus."
Check out this terrific feature article in the Globe & Mail
WHERE: Pacific Theatre
WHEN: Th9@7, F10@7, Sa11@3/9, Tu14@7, W15@5, F17@11, Sa18@9


Written by Kathy Parsons (PT literary manager)
Featuring Kaitlin Williams and Joel Stephanson (PT apprentices 2009-2010: Wardrobe, I Was Meant For The Stage, Godspell)
Everyone wants to escape something and everyone uses different ways to do it. Come see a bride try to skip out of her wedding ceremony, a man day dream about the promised land while he irons and a woman with her favourite form of escape – a romance novel. As an audience member, you will also get an opportunity to put in your two cents...
"The show’s mostly comedy and we’ll be taking theatre to new heights. A fire escape."
One of "Five shows we really like out of the 600 at the Fringe" - Vancouver Province
WHERE: Granville Island, Corner of Johnston and Old Bridge Street
WHEN: Th9@5:30, F10@6:30, Sa11@1:30/3:30/5:30, Su12@2:30/4:30/6:30
M13@6:15, Tu15@6:15, W15@5:15, Th16@5:15, F17@5:15, Sa18@12/2/4/6, Su19@1/3/5

Featuring Kerri Norris (You Can't Take It With You, Refuge Of Lies, Bright Particular Star)
Times were tough for hard boiled detective Birnam Wood. He never asked to be in London. Especially in 1605. When Wood's Partner is killed, he has to find the killer amongst a cast of suspects that includes Richard III, Falstaff, Iago, Mercutio and a merchant from Venice. The worlds of film noir and Shakespeare collide in this "who hath done it".
WHERE: Waterfront Theatre
WHEN: F10@6:40, Sa11@2:45, Su12@4, M13@9:35, F17@10:45, Su19@7:35

Playwright, Cast: Shauna Johannesen
Shauna's not yet known to our Pacific Theatre audiences - but we bet that'll change. For now, here's a taste of her work both as writer and performer.
It's a story about about fish. About fear. About life, death, love, and spiderwebs. But mostly, it's a story about stories, and how we seek, create, and find ourselves in them.
“Deadley” weaves myth, musical ditties, and a ficus into a comic patchwork love story. Early on, Sam comes to terms with his grandfather's corpse, while Amy watches meaning flush down the toilet with her goldfish Charlie. Between zombie folk songs, the harrowing tale of a spider and fly, and the Intergalactic Bank of Karma, Sam and Amy dance a bizarre, delicate tango from loss to…somethingness.

WHERE: Firehall
WHEN: Th9@9, F10@11, Sa11@7, M13@5, T14@7, Th16@9, F17@6, Sa18@7, Su19@5

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