Thursday, August 18, 2011

july 15-aug 27 | party this weekend | diana squires

Aug 18 update: "Party This Weekend, the House Party Collective and Scarlet Satin Productions have announced that the show will be moved to a larger venue for its remaining weekends. The show will be presented at 3079 Copley Street (near Nanaimo and Grandview Highway) on August 19, 20, 26, and 27."

Dianna (Dice) Squires was on our stage in last season's GODSPELL, singing and dancing her way through the Gospel of John.  Her latest venture is a site-specific, roving show called PARTY THIS WEEKEND, also featuring Matt Beairsto from THE GREAT DIVORCE.  Info below!

Experience a house party you will never forget, through the eyes of four pivotal party guests. Mingle, eat & drink, following one of these characters through the house each night.

the helplessly Type-A hostess will keep her best friend's birthday party running smoothly, even if some heads have to roll

the smooth-talking, well-monied douchebag everyone loves to hate... lays everything on the line for the woman he wants

a well-meaning social disaster steals the birthday girl's shoes and searches for her prince charming

a quirky musician wrestles with his sexual identity while getting roped into one ridiculous scheme after another

Party This Weekend
July 15 - August 27
8pm Fridays & Saturdays only (er, as the title implies)
3079 Copley Street
$15 for single tickets
$40 for a 4-show pass...get the whole story!
Limited capacity (and the show's getting lots of buzz already) so I definitely recommend reserving early for the night(s) you want
To reserve:
More d's:

*Note: Our opening &\ closing weekends are VIP which means 19+ and alcohol will be served. You must be on the guest list to get in on those nights (see email address above).

Much love to everyone, and for those working on shows I don't know about yet...I look forward to hearing all about them!

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Anonymous said...

And it's directed by Laura McLean, who's been involved with Pacific Theatre stage managing for several shows over the past couple seasons. Diana and Laura conceived the project together last summer.