Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Untitled Podplay 
(a radio play for mobile devices in the style of Neworld Theatre)

Company: Quiet Hum Theatre Co.
Playwright/Director: Joel Stephanson
Production Dates: Recording in early/mid-September
Audition Dates:  Afternoons of August  29th & 30th  
Audition Address: by appointment at Pacific Theatre, 1440 West 12th Ave (at Hemlock)
- 1 woman (Katherine) to play many different ages; strong singing skills: a good church-choir soloist voice that is described as especially passionate
- 1 male, age 30-60 to play young and old versions of himself
- approximately 15 other small and medium sized roles - we are especially in need of men.

Notes: Actors are asked to bring a 1 to 2 minute 20th-century monologue.  We may also ask for a cold read.  Those auditioning for Katherine are also asked to sing about 30 seconds of an unaccompanied song.

Inspired by local history, this play follows a century in the life of a Vancouver heritage building.  Patrons will download the play onto their iPods, cell phones, etc, and follow the narration through various rooms to overhear conversations and music from past decades. 

Remuneration: We regret being unable to offer this.  That said, CAEA members are certainly welcome if interested, as this does not fall under CAEA jurisdiction.  Members of other unions may need to verify that they are permitted to take part.  

Contact: Please send resumes and photos to Joel at, by August 27th.  If you have any voice or acting samples online, please provide a link.  

There may be some down time if it becomes necessary to mix and match readers at the audition - your patience is appreciated.  

Thanks in advance for your interest!

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