Thursday, September 22, 2011

image journal | issue 70

Delicious. An exceptional issue of Image Journal coming our way....
It features the haunting, atmospheric paintings of Enrique Martinez Celaya, who writes that art can be “a whisper of the order of things.” Lincoln Perry, an agnostic painter who decided to take up the great stories of the Bible as his subject matter for two major cycles of paintings, writes about what it taught him. In an interview, Canadian novelist David Adams Richards, author of God Is: My Search for Faith in a Secular World, writes: “Those who have no quarrel with the world are the only ones able to save it.” Michael McGregor remembers his long, synchronistic friendship with the great expatriate poet Robert Lax, a friend and contemporary of Thomas Merton, who deserves to be read more than he is. Steven Greydanus explores the role of houses in films for children—in which they are blown up, sent into outer space, attacked by otherworldly beings, or float away—and why these odd things happen to them. The issue also includes a baseball story by Valerie Sayers, with a cameo by Joe Dimaggio; and from Ruben Degollado, a family story from East LA that is worthy of the Book of Judges. Also featured are poems by Martha Serpas, Mark Jarman, Alison Pelegrin, plus new poetry and fiction in review.

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