Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the passion project | new york | regina

Hey New Yorkers! THE PASSION PROJECT, by far one of the coolest productions to ever take Pacific Theatre's stage, is playing right now in your city. Hey Regina-ites! It's coming to you shortly thereafter! Also, in an act of wonderful symmetry, Reid Farrington and Ron Reed are both simultaneously creating their own adaptations on A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Who's up for a road trip to see both this Christmas?

NYC Run: Sept. 16-25 at 3LD Art & Technology Centre
Regina Run: Oct. 14-16 at Shu Box Theatre as a part of Curtain Razors’ Moveable Feast

Foxy Films is proud to return to 3LD Art & Technology Center for a limited engagement of their celebrated production of THE PASSION PROJECT.

Created and directed by Reid Farrington, acclaimed theater artist (Gin & “It”) and former video designer for the world-renowned Wooster Group, THE PASSION PROJECT is a 40-minute intersection of performance and film that explodes Carl Theodor Dreyer’s immortal 1928 silent film classic The Passion of Joan of Arc into three dimensions, placing the audience inside the film, sitting next Joan.

THE PASSION PROJECT speaks to the ephemeral nature of film with images from Dreyer’s masterpiece floating on air, caught on frames stretched with parchment and organized by a single female performer. This performer moves the projected image of the actress who portrays Joan (Maria Falconetti, in her only film role) through the environment, making the Catholic saint’s emotional journey and inevitable death on the pyre truly palpable.

Performed by Laura K. Nicoll with additional artists involved including Janet D. Clancy, Sara Jeanne Farrington, Austin Guest, Shelley Kay, Stephen O’Connell, and Jadelynn Stahl, THE PASSION PROJECT had its World Premiere at the PS/K2 festival in Copenhagen, Denmark in November of 2007. Since then it has been seen at 3LD Art & Technology Center and PS 122 in New York; at the Vancouver PuSh Festival in British Columbia; and in Budapest, Hungary at The Contemporary Drama Festival.

The limited engagement of THE PASSION PROJECT will play at 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan from Fri. Sept. 16 through Sunday. Sept. 25. A special benefit performance on Mon. Sept. 19 will help support Foxy Film’s newest work, Dickens: The Unparalleled Necromancer, a fascinating exploration of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Following the 3LD engagement, THE PASSION PROJECT will return to Canada this fall as part of Curtain Razors’ Moveable Feast, which highlights innovative performance events. From Fri. Oct. 14 to Sun Oct. 16, 2011, THE PASSION PROJECT will play at the Shu Box Theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan in partnership with the University of Regina Theatre Department.

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