Thursday, April 12, 2012

april 22 | russ rosen

Friend of PT Russ Rosen is playing a show on April 22nd at The Backstage Lounge!

Russ Rosen Band
April 22, 7:30pm
The Backstage Lounge

Russ Rosen, a veteran singer-songwriter who is no stranger to music venues of literally every sort - from African stadiums, to Canadian eastcoast pubs, to Olympic stages, Parisien caf├ęs, to North American festivals and concerts. Over the last 27 years he has played in nations as far-flung as Greece, France, Rwanda, southeast Asia, Israel, Germany, the US and in every corner of Canada.

His is music with mission whether it is to bring hope to the survivors of the Rwandan genocide, or to inspire a crowd of young people, or to sing peace over the warring landscape of the Middle East, or to erupt celebration on the streets of his own city for hundreds of thousands of onlookers. Russ’s soulful music is a unique sort - at one moment drawing an audience to a compelling story of history or faith, in the next stirring a crowd into a partying frenzy. His seasoned song-crafting is an eclectic force that seems to rise spontaneously from his native soil extracting flavours like fellow Canadian artists Feist, Arcade Fire, Stan Rogers, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn and adding a fiery vocal performance akin to Americans Dave Matthews or Bruce Springsteen.

His passionate lyrics and driving rhythms make for a fascinating musical odyssey - melodies and narrative journeying through a broad landscape that most audiences are inexplicably drawn to. Russ’s newest recording “Waiting for Abraham” a more acoustic take on his music than his previous “Oil” album, still has some of the same folky-celtic-rock energy now spiced with the idiosyncratic keyboard innovations of Brett Zeigler. The collection of ten story driven songs continues the adventure to explore the season between our dreams and their fulfillment. Russ and Band have dates booked across the country until the end of June when they come back to Vancouver to play at the Canada Day Celebrations. About The Band: Along with is lead vocals, Russ plays acoustic and electric guitars and a mean harmonica. Brett Zeigler is a musical prodigy (and producer) playing a humble 30+ instruments. Versatile and seasoned Drummer, Chad Bjorgan and veteran bassist Jonathan Perkins round out the soundscape.

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