Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT | audience responses 2012

audience member | I’m still kind of in shock from what I saw last night – absolutely incredible. Since the kids came along, we have gotten into the habit of staying home unless we’re working. I think we went out once last year (to see Tree Of Life). We watch movies all the time, but I had forgotten how powerful live theatre can be. Promise we’ll start making it out to some of your plays. Maybe only one or two to start with, but at least we’re moving in the right direction. Thanks again for blowing my head apart.

Rikk Watts | The Last Days of Judas Iscariot @ The Cultch in East Van: an astonishing piece of work. A remarkable mix of humor, passion, tension, intelligence, and insight (both philosophical and theological), the whole concludes with Ron Reed's 8 min monologue, the final voice of the night, whose power and intimacy is surpassed only by that of the final silent scene. A "must see" (the strong language advisory really only applies to one short section but is as merited as the section is awfully appropriate). Four stars.

Laura McLean | Anyone still saying that "theatre is dead in Vancouver" needs to go see The Last Days of Judas Iscariot at the Cultch IMMEDIATELY.

Loren Wilkinson | It is, I think, the best play - and at the same time the most profoundly Christian play - I have ever seen. GO SEE IT. BUY A TICKET NOW. In over 30 years of teaching at Regent I've never felt as strong as this about a play, and I've seen a lot of good ones.

John Innes | Last evening I attended opening night of 'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot' at the Cultch. A must see for anyone who cares about what theatre is and can be! Challenging script given a riveting production under the guidance of brilliant direction with a superb cast. Bravos to all concerned!!! Rush to it. I know its short run is going to sell out fast.

Vancouver Is Awesome | Under Stephen Drover’s masterful direction, this production is nearly perfect. With Drew Facey’s design, the beautiful Cultch transforms into part warzone and part apocalyptic cathedral. The visual subtlety is as heartbreaking as the material. Some of the best actors in the city. Certainly one of the best productions of the year. A masterpiece.

Peter Mogan | Well, the day after... even more amazing than I remembered - hilarious, poignant, asking the best questions, hinting at powerful answers, superb acting, great staging - this is theatre at its finest. Thank you.

Diane Tucker | SO THRILLED tonight with 'The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot' at the Cultch. What a stunning, moving, funny, incredible play! Still lots of the run left; go see it! Every one is VERY good in it; Michael Kopsa as Satan is pretty much worth the price of admission. Great with a capital GREAT.

Peter Anderson | What an amazing show. We were completely enthralled, enraptured, engaged. A seriously great and inspiring night in the theatre.

Richard Newman | What a fabulous piece of writing!! So smart and honest, perceptive, bitterly funny and... ultimately moving. Wonderful production - I'm so grateful when I go to a show and I want to stay for the second act!! I was so happily reminded of what it is I love about theatre.

Frank Nickel | A powerhouse cast and an amazing production. Don't miss it. Worth every penny.

Peter Schuler | Last night, "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" at the Cultch (best play ever!); tonight, "The Meal" at Pacific Theatre. Man, I love the theatre!

Laura Murray Public Relations | A rare and fascinating piece. The complex, witty, and heartfelt play is an incredible exploration of Western civilization’s most damned figure. A work that incites furious thought, even as it wrenches emotion. A rare, lasting experience that stimulates both heart and mind, and raises questions that will continue to haunt.

Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight | Drover and his cast find the bleeding humanity in almost every moment. Drover has cast superbly, and his actors are having such a good time that, sitting in the audience, you get a contact high. A deeply satisfying theatrical meal.

Mark Robins, GayVancouver.net | Vancouver rarely gets an opportunity to see this many fine actors assembled on a single stage and is a testament to the work of the five companies that have come together to present this full-scale version of what began as a staged reading in 2009. Audiences should be taking full advantage of it.

John Jane, Review Vancouver | In this potent mix of comedy, drama and pathos, Guirgis' play evokes much thought-provoking discussion. With no less than five theatre companies having a stake in this production, it's a credit to a talented cast and crew in achieving such a polished performance.

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