Friday, April 05, 2013

april 6 | status quo | kat gauthier

Remember Kat Gauthier (GODSPELL, YOU STILL CAN'T)?  She's in Theatre la Seizieme's STATUS QUO, playing one night (tomorrow!) here in Vancouver before launching a cross-Canada tour.  Warning: this is a French play without surtitles, but if you want to practice that second language (or hang out with people speaking your first language), we know you'll catch a great performance.

Sarah and Adèle are about to finish high school in the village they grew up in. A village where nothing happens, ever. While, for Adèle, the future seems simple, Sarah can’t seem to find her place in it. What could she ever hope to do in a society that is so… so boring? That is, until she meets Simon, an outsider. Confronted by this out-of-the-ordinary military brat, Sarah starts quietly documenting the nothingness of her village. An exercise that will lead her to discover hidden facets of her hometown, as well as of her own identity.

April 6-7 at Studio 16
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