Monday, December 01, 2014

christmas campaign | get connected poem

Our Christmas fundraising campaign has launched!  Many of you will be receiving our postcard and poem in the mail very soon (if you haven't already), but we want everyone to share in the joy.  This year we decided to focus on one of the main things we love about theatre: connecting with other people, live.

Pacific Theatre's "Connected" Christmas Carol
Every year in this season we gather together
In snow or (more likely) in wet rainy weather
To celebrate Christmas and awesome live plays... 
Except that we spend all our nights and our days

Looking for ways to keep off of the streets!
With emails and blogposts and facebook and tweets, 
Snared in the Web, we work all season through 
Searching for money to do what we do.

Don’t leave us to our own devices: we’re tired
Of being incessantly networked and wired!
We crowdfund, we hashtag, we like, share and link 
But really, we can’t help but some of us think

That things would be better if we could just dive 
Into what we do best – which means doing it live. 
Send us a gift, make what’s great even greater— 
Connect with real people, real art, real theatre!

We've already got our tally going, tracking how each gift is necessary to complete the picture, and will be sharing more photos as the campaign continues.

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