Monday, December 22, 2014

dec 22 | christmas presence | set list

act one

ding dong merrily on high | spencer capier
emmanuel | ron
alleluia | garth bowen
wondrous wild | anna vandas
first coming, de fuentes | ron
golden slumbers | nelson boschman
three fools, by mike mason | ron
a holy night | carolyn arends

white christmas | garth bowen
santaland diaries | ron
have yourself a merry little christmas | nelson boschman

maybe this christmas | anna vandas

mando little pine siskin, john reischman | spencer capier
child's christmas in texas, by john henry faulk | ron

what kind of king | carolyn arends

act two

jazz tune | nelson et al
engineer's christmas | ron
huron carol | garth bowen

o holy night, by bill richardson | ron
on this holy night | anna vandas

my first christmas | carolyn arends

the real santa claus | ron
god rest ye | garth bowen

keen sense of occasion | ron
christmas magic | carolyn arends

in the bleak midwinter | spencer
seth | ron
the first noel | anna vandas


nelson boschman | keyboard
ben appenheimer | bass
brandon toews | drums
christ hawley | accordion

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