Wednesday, January 28, 2015

jan 30 & 31 | nine | apprentice production

Our apprentices have been keeping busy!  Straight away after a packed December, they started planning for a late-night show, and now we'll have Eleanor Felton and Kayla Heselwood performing NINE on January 30 and 31, following performances of UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL.

Nine by Jane Shepard
Jan 30-31 at 9:45pm (following performances of Underneath the Lintel)

Two women held in a room and chained by their necks use mind games to keep one another alive. In a dire situation, the only currency is words. Balancing the fine line between power and grace will mean life or death.

Entrance by cash donation at door.  Free for anyone who attended that night's performance of Underneath the Lintel.

Director: Amy Dauer
Actors: Kayla Heselwood, Eleanor Felton
Stage Manager: Shona Struthers
Sound Design: Julie Casselman
Mature content and strong language

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