Friday, January 16, 2015

jan 27-31 | as little children | twu

Be the first to enjoy this commissioned world premiere, written by accomplished TWU alumna M.J. Eden (GODSPELL, REFUGE OF LIES). AS LITTLE CHILDREN lights up the stage with wonder, humour, and imagination.

SAMC Theatre presents: As Little Children
January 27-31

When Aline loses her father, she refuse to believe he's really gone. Then one night, in her sleepy New Brunswick village, Aline sees a vision of a glowing apple tree. As the whispers of the forest propel her into a courageous quest, she encounters a force more powerful than even a child could imagine!

Even though her mother can't bring herself to believe in miracles, Aline steps into a world aglow with innocence and hope. But is Aline's faith strong enough to reunite her with what they've lost?

Playwright Eden lives and works in New York City, and will be coming to Langley for the premiere. She will also host a special Q&A talkback and reception with the audience after the Saturday matinee. “I'm finding that the pain in our lives can also hold joy,” said Eden. “That’s one of the mysteries I explored as I wrote this play. Within each of us there is a quiet place, a place where we can meet with God and with ourselves, and there's peace there—in the midst of any circumstance.”

Directed by Langley’s Kate Muchmore, As Little Children premieres at SAMC Theatre from January 27 – 31. Reserve tickets here.

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