Thursday, February 05, 2015

the whipping man | meet the cast

We couldn't be more excited about the cast of THE WHIPPING MAN, and we couldn't imagine a better-suited trio of actors to take on this play.  Here's an introduction to each of them.


Role in The Whipping Man:

Last seen on the PT stage:
Lucius Jenkins in JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN.

North Carolina

When he's not acting:
Carl writes poetry and spoken word pieces.

His favourite lines from the show:
John: What do I call you now?
Caleb: Call me?
John: "Master" doesn't quite fit no more.
Caleb: You never called me that.
John: "Sir?" Do I address you as "sir," now?
Caleb: You never called me that, either. I think "Caleb" will be just fine.
John: Will he?


Role in The Whipping Man:

Last seen on the PT stage:

When he's not acting:
You might find Tom playing his saxophone.

His favourite line from the show:
"All these things you're telling me to do, by rights now you need to be asking me to do." - Simon


Role in The Whipping Man:

Last seen on the PT stage: 
My Name is Asher Lev

When he's not acting: 
Gio might be writing a comedy pilot with his wife or baking some bread.

His favourite lines from the show:
"But bein' free means more than just broken chains, you know, right? It means freedom from anything that breaks your spirit or muddies your mind. Because there's more than just one way a man can be a slave."

To me this strikes at the core of our humanity, being a slave to sin, or weaknesses, our addictions. How quickly we can define and address our external sins, but the inner workings of our hearts are oft left ignored and undefined.

"I see the choices you made. They tell me all I need to know about the man you are, about the free man you gonna be. You don't get to be free, you work to be free."

Freedom isn't something you just have. It is something we all have to work for. Yes we have the privilege to live in a free country but with that comes a duty and responsibility to honour that freedom. To give back, to hold it (the system) and ourselves accountable for the choices we make.

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