Friday, February 27, 2015

u encounter | greg pennoyer

Ron: It's happening!  After years of work, PT friend Greg Pennoyer is launching a remarkable online exhibition that looks to be pure Soul Food.  And clearly, it's much more than just an online collection of images of "World Masterpieces" - it's a curated, thoroughly thought-through, open-ended experience.  Interestingly, Greg created "God With Us" and "God For Us," the Advent and Lent books which combine carefully chosen paintings and other art with reflections by Christian writers such as Luci Shaw, Richard Rohr, Kathleen Norris, Eugene Peterson, and Richard John Neuhaus. 

Dear Friends:

We are happy to announce the launch of the online exhibition U Encounter.  This extraordinary exhibition explores one of the great questions at the heart of the human journey - “what does it means to be human.”   Through a series of images on the narrative of the life and parables of Jesus of Nazareth, this exhibition considers six themes that unveil for us what we didn’t know we knew about ourselves, about our neightbour, and about our capacity to live together.  The following link will take you directly to the encounter.

We also hope that you will help spread the word about this exhibition.  Please feel free to distribute this link to all and whomever you think will find this a worthy experience.

Warmest regards.

David Goa and Greg Pennoyer

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