Monday, March 16, 2015

the whipping man | responses

"What a fantastic production and what a brilliant play! I was on the edge of my seat for the whole show. All three actors give out superb performances, the design is absolutely stunning and the story is pretty amazing – full of twists and turns and at the same time quite profound and touching. Best show I’ve seen at Pacific since Jesus Hopped the A Train and possibly the best show I’ve seen in Vancouver all year. Well done!" | Itai Erdal, website comment

"Yet another compelling, must-see play at Pacific Theatre. Outstanding acting all around, gripping and haunting story, evocative set, beautiful lighting. The brief bursts of magically soulful singing from Simon (Tom Pickett) added further depth and, given the celebration in his singing, also added tragic irony. I highly recommend this intensely moving play." | Nancy B, website comment

"Theatre does not get much better than this – our attention is completely absorbed and we are transported to another time and place, yet by material that speaks to issues with which we still wrestle." | Tova Kornfeld, The Jewish Independent

"The production, however, directed by Anthony F. Ingram, is epic, historically interesting and visually wonderful under Lauchlin Johnston’s evocative and dingy lighting. And the performances by Pickett, Kennedy and Mocibob are excellent." | Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

" was so very good. So thoroughly compelling, engaging, enthralling, and many other ing words. I recognized Tom, but I don't think those could have been the other two actors; I have seen them both before in multiple roles, and they were not the same guys. I'm kind of used to actors becoming different people - it's kind of what they too - but they were transformed into such different roles than I had seen them in before that they honestly were unrecognizable to me as the same actors. Wow. The set, Anthony's direction, the lighting, all wow." | Audience Email

"I did get in and I am SO grateful to have been in the audience for one of the best productions I have seen in… ages. Script, direction, performances, set design, costume design and lighting. ABSOLUTELY incredible. I’ve been talking it up all over the place. People need to pack the seats to see what you folks have managed to accomplish with this show. It is not only a testament to the artistry of what is possible in with theatre but a nutritious intellectual meal. I’m particularly grateful to have gone on a night with an artist talkback. I’m trying to figure out how to go again and who to drag with me." | Audience Email

"A fascinating and affecting drama that is immensely satisfying. If you like stories about race relations and the aftermath of civil war intrigue you and you like to clutch your heart because dynamic powerful actors are likely going to rip it out, then this is the show for you." | David C Jones, OutTV

"Carl Kennedy, who plays John, is one of the most mercurial and charismatic actors you’re ever going to see. His portrait brims with playfulness, intelligence, wit—and emotional depth. I’ve never seen Tom Pickett look better: he’s having a great time and he delivers nuanced and heartfelt work as Simon. In some ways, Caleb may be the most difficult role: after the surgery, Caleb barely moves, and he’s the former slave owner in a play about race in America. Still, Giovanni Mocibob offers an intriguing combination of innocence and guilt, good intentions and privileged blindness." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"[The Whipping Man is] a fascinating piece of historical fiction. That it still resonates is strangely comforting, and equally chilling." | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"It's taken me this long to process The Whipping Man. Yikes! So, I've seen Civil War movies, read books, watched TV - I'm no expert on the subject but I feel at least somewhat familiar with the events. North wins/South loses; slavery ends and the president gets shot. And a few years ago I found out that my great great grandfather fought in the Southern Navy - interesting bit of family lore.

Then along come 3 characters on a small stage in a gripping story and it became personal. Then the actors come out for the Q&A and Carl talked about how the script grabbed him, I choked right up. It became so real and close. What happened was that a pronoun shifted and moved in - I am the great great granddaughter of a confederate soldier and that gives me a great deal to think about.

So there. Sigh. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing." | Lorri R, Audience Email

"The Whipping Man is an excellent drama." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Wow, another amazing and powerful play done by PT! My hubby and neighbour loved it as well.
As always, the set design and lighting were phenomenal and the cast was fabulous!!!! WELL Done!" | Anne Chandler, Email Response

From the Twitter Feed:

@RandiEdmundson: Got to see some fabulous work tonight at @PacificTheatre The Whipping Man was great! ... and a just a little gross. #blood #ptwhippingman
@DianeLTucker: Oh you SO got it right! Stunning!
@genevieve_f: Congrats to the opening of #ptWhippingMan! Powerful, moving, with knockout performances and gorgeous design. See this show!

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