Thursday, March 05, 2015

the whipping man | set design

Drew Facey's set for THE WHIPPING MAN is a beautiful piece of work!  Below, find the description of the set from the play, and then photos of the set model that had us all jumping up and down with excitement.

"The lights rise on what was once the front entrance of a grand town home, now in ruins.  Craters dot the hardwood floors.  The wallpaper is stand with soot and parts of it are burned away.  Most of the windows are broken.  The railing of the grand staircase leans perilously down to the floor, as if it would collapse with the slightest touch.  The steps themselves are broken and jagged.  The damage to the house suggests recent destruction rather than years of neglect.  This was someone's home not too long ago.  But now it is a haunted house."
-Matthew Lopez, The Whipping Man

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