Thursday, November 12, 2015

christmas campaign | a christmas carol quiz

This year for our annual Christmas campaign, we've dressed up as a series of our favourite Christmas carols!  Can you tell who is dressed up as which carol?  Underneath is a little story with a few hints built in.  First and foremost, of course, please give to our campaign!  You can give online HERE or you can call in and talk to Alison (604.731.5483).

A Christmas (Campaign) Carol

The First Christmas campaign for Pacific Theatre brought great Joy to our World. Some staff thought “What idea is this? Is our December not busy enough?” But I saw three apprenticeships come through and offer support in accepting and counting all the gifts. And so they did for several weeks! On the last evening of the campaign it was a fairly silent night as we all huddled around the Christmas Tree counting the final total. As the last few dollars were counted we had a little drum roll as we waited to see the final tally. Suddenly the silence ended, for we had made our goal! Filled with the riches supplied by countless supporters, we felt like good kings, once at last! It truly was A Holy Night. Because God blessed us … through everyone!

Thank you for the ongoing support!

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