Tuesday, November 10, 2015

the amish project | responses

"The bulk of the show rests with actor Susie Coodin who must jump back and forth at breakneck speed between characters. Adopting a different posture and tone for each, she clearly delineates whether she is a young lady or the killer. It is an impressive feat." | Vancouver Presents

"Coodin steals your heart in this heart-wrenching but uplifting tale of forgiveness... The Amish Project... does what we have come to expect at Pacific Theatre. Highly polished. Thought provoking. Spiritual. Theatre that stays with you." | Jo Ledingham

"Coodin embodies seven vastly different characters with exuberance and joy. She deftly exchanges one character’s set of gestures and postures for another. Her characterizations are usually consistent and convincing and always entirely enjoyable to watch. Her unearthly radiance as the innocent child Velda is most striking in her performance... Dickey weaves these threads from different character’s perspectives to show that forgiveness is not cheap mercy, nor religious pretension." | MB Herald

"A play of profound emotion and heft that speak to very deep parts of human nature in a very honest way." | The Ubyssey

"Under Evan Frayne’s direction, Coodin ably takes on the task of playing these characters with a common truthfulness." | Review Vancouver

"My wife and I were overwhelmed by how well the actress, Susie Coodin, performed for the entire time on her own. When she switched characters by voice and posture she was able to convince us of the different people she portrayed. The theme of the play had us talking on the way home." | Audience Response

"Thank you to all who made this such a wonderful experience." | Audience Response

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