Wednesday, March 30, 2016

gruesome playground injuries | meet the team

GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES opens on Friday with a pay-what-you-can preview on Thursday! Check out the creative team here.

Chelsea Haberlin: Director
"I'm very much drawn to the quirky nature of this play."

Pippa Johnstone: Kayleen
"I am over-the-moon excited and grateful to get another crack at this strange and beautiful story, and get to work alongside the best team I could dream up."

Kenton Klassen: Doug
"Gruesome Playground Injuries is probably my favourite play and definitely the most exhilarating production that I have been a part of. I am excited to work with this wonderful team of artists again and to dig deeper into this silly, dark, and peculiar love story."

Christopher David Gauthier: Costume Designer
"I love the team involved. Also I love "almosts" which without spoiling it is what in some ways this show is about. "Almosts" are human, we almost make/do a lot of things, how we deal with that is important."

Chris Adams: Sound Designer
"I am very pleased to be working on this show again with the same awesome group of people."

Carolyn Rapanos: Set Designer
"I really enjoyed working with everyone on this team and am excited to get the chance to do it again! And I'm very much drawn to the intimate, quirky nature of the play."

Phil Miguel: Lighting Designer
"A little under two years ago, I smacked his face into the set of Gruesome Playground Injuries which left of bruise on my face for weeks. I return to this show a little smarter with a plan to keep everyone’s face well lit (within reason)."

Shelby Bushell: Stage Manager
"I am thrilled to be returning to work with this wonderful cast and crew."

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