Monday, March 14, 2016

arts courses | regent spring + summer school

Swell arts line-up at Regent College this spring and summer.  Documentary film-maker and PT enthusiast Iwan Russell-Jones joins forces with PT enthusiast Gerry Schoberg to offer "Jesus At The Movies" - Pasolini's Gospel According To Matthew,  JCSS, Life of Brian, Last Temptation, Gibson's Passion Of The Christ, Jesus of Montreal, and the splendid South African Son Of Man, to name but a few.  And I wonder what will be on the list for the sci-fi course this July?  Lewis's space trilogy? A Canticle For Leibowitz? The Sparrow and Children Of God?

Here's a link to more.

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Merry Carol Schoberg said...

Hey Ron! thanks for plugging the course Gerry is team teaching on Jesus and (in) the movies. I will be there. Merry Carol