Saturday, April 09, 2016

gruesome playground injuries | music

I was intrigued by the music chosen for GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES, so I emailed sound designer Chris Adams for a playlist. Here's what I heard back. (My favourites have asterisks)

Here is the list of Transitions. We used only Covers for the transitions, so this list tells whose cover it is, not the person who actually wrote the song.

Time After Time - Tegan and Sara **
Hit Me Baby One More Time - Simple Plan *
Born To Be My Baby - Bon Jovi live
Yeah! - Usher
About a Girl - Fish
Bad Romance - Halestorm
Hit Me Baby One More Time - Ed Sheeran **
Wrecking Ball - James Arthur **
Can’t Feel My Face - Corey Gray *

We really had a lot of fun picking the covers. Each song correlates to the exact year the scene takes place. But we found using the originals was both too on the nose and too far off. Sometimes the feeling was wrong when the words were right. So with these covers we were able to get the lyrics, while still keeping whatever feeling we wanted to achieve.

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