Monday, April 11, 2016

gruesome playground injuries | responses

"I loved the play’s snapshot structure, the deeply flawed but loveable characters, the span of shared personal history, and the humor, though I did get light-headed at one point. The wardrobe scene changes were just brilliant." | Karl Peterson, audience response

"We loved it! The staging was amazing and both actors quite remarkable in their portrayal of 2 characters who lived their lives on the edge of their emotional issues. This play proves why live theatre is even better than films!" | Patty, audience response

"Best play of the season! ... Above all, I was moved to think about how wounds, both inside and outside, are healed when we offer a loving touch and a faithful presence even in the midst of our own deep brokenness." | Denise Unrau, audience response

"Gruesome Playground Injuries is an odd and strangely moving one-act love story... their curious chemistry quietly draws them to each other, drawing us, too, into communion with the mystery of love. | Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"I can understand why Artistic Director Ron Reed fell instantly in love with this show." | Alan Woo, Fun! Fun! Vancouver

"That Joseph and the Pacific Theatre team are able to create not just a series of entertaining vignettes but deliver to viewers a believable and abiding friendship-through-wounds is no small achievement... The complexity of people reaching out to one another, however haltingly and tentatively, is always a touching bit of live theatre to witness. Particularly when the stage characters the playwright crafted are backed up by actors who fully understand and embrace their roles. This is just such a performance." | Baird Blackstone, BrokenLegReviews

"Johnstone and Klassen know the play and each other well. Together they staged the piece as a successful final apprentice project. The experience shows through in a good way. Their shared rapport certainly works for them in the “warts-and-all” device of executing all the scene changes in front of the audience." John Jane, Review Vancouver


@captivethunder: "Gruesome Playground Injuries" at @PacificTheatre was quirky and powerful. Loved it--and I didn't even faint or sympathy-vomit!

@jodimurphy: Wonderfully moving performances by @kentonklassen + @pippajohnstone in @PacificTheatre's "Gruesome Playground Injuries"

@aeromommy: Gruesome Playground Injuries @PacificTheatre was fabulous! Check it out before April 16.

@soulkitchenwork: @PacificTheatre latest play #GruesomePlaygroundInjuries is gruesome and funny and sad and intriguing - well done again PT!!!

@dwarmen: Why do I even bother wearing mascara to the theatre? #ptGruesome

@funfunvancouver: Witness the most romantic vomit scene ever in Gruesome Playground Injuries on to April 16 @PacificTheatre

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