Saturday, December 10, 2016

christmas presence | featured artists | zaac pick and jon ochsendorf

Join us for CHRISTMAS PRESENCE Monday, December 12th at 8pm. Sit back, relax and enjoy this holiday tradition with some of our favourite artists. Monday night will include: The Tourist Company, Zaac Pick, Garth Bowen, Corey Janz, John Voth, Spencer Capier, Becca Birkner, Rick Colhoun. Our featured artists for today are Zaac Pick and Jon Ochsendorf. Read on to find out more about these two amazing artists.

Zaac Pick

With a reputation for captivating lyrics and haunting melodies, Zaac Pick has been quickly gaining acclaim across the country and beyond. While sharing stages with the likes of Bahamas and The Civil Wars, his songs have been featured on numerous primetime TV dramas. The cinematic folk songs on the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter’s latest release Constellations examine the interconnected people in our lives — as Pick’s unique voice and intimate story-telling sets the stage for a show not to be missed.


Jon Ochsendorf

Born in the sunny confines of Indonesia, brought to Canada at the tender age of 2, and tossed into the frozen tundra of northern Alberta, I grew more and more enamoured with the guitar and songwriting with every passing day as a way to pass time. First band I played in was with some school friends, doing covers of the Monkees and Beatles, but I always gravitated to singing my own songs. As the seventies rolled around, I was heavily influenced by groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Pure Prairie League, Flying Burrito Brothers as well as the full gamut of the British Invasion. Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan, and Mark Knopfler are more recent influences. Eventually, formed a group with some fine musicians, and we were known as Jonny and the Stickmen.

By the early '90's we had recorded 3 albums, two independent and one studio album with Azimuth Records. The Stickmen were: myself, Steve Gibbs (bass, vocals), Tony Chamberlist ( drums, engineer, organizer), Chuck Kenyon (drums, percussion), Jim Bugg (sax, keyboards, vocals), Dixon Zalit ( guitar (first album)), Rick Adams (bass), Glenda Rae (vocals). There were other musicians who played on the albums, but the gigging band was comprised of the aforementioned. The "People of Air" album was recorded on the Azimuth record label, engineered by Paul Kay, produced by Eugene Martynec, and Stephen Hopkins was the executive producer. Things changed as they are wont to do and I set out on my own.

A good friend, Spencer Capier, convinced me to do one more album, and we started the process together eventually teaming up with Rick Colhoun who helped massively to get the project done. The result is the album, " I Can Be Found" and hopefully not my last. I'm married, living in Surrey BC, Canada and if you see someone whiz by you on a black Triumph Bonneville with a Union Jack on the tank and a big grin, it's probably me.

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