Tuesday, December 20, 2016

christmas presence | featured artists | allen desnoyers and rachel button

It's our final night of CHRISTMAS PRESENCE tonight! To celebrate, here are our final two featured artists of the series: Allen Desnoyers and Rachel Button.

Allen Desnoyers

Allen is a co-founder of Pacific Theatre (that's right!) as well as our sister company Rosebud Theatre in Alberta. He now works as a musician/composer/actor/playwright/director/producer for his company Canadiana Musical Theatre Co.

Rachel Button

Rachel is a British singer, Songwriter, fiddle player and vocal coach. She is at the forefront of the British folk music scene and has been privileged to perform at The Royal Albert Hall, The Roundhouse, Kensington Palace and The Great British Folk Festival. Rachel’s music swept her across the atlantic to North America where she now resides in Vancouver and Nashville, T.N.


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