Wednesday, January 25, 2017

corleone: the shakespearean godfather | the inside scoop | danielle klaudt

Our fabulous apprentices take part in many artistic projects throughout the season. This year apprentices Danielle Klaudt, Lindsay Curl, and Paige Louter, have the exciting opportunity to work on and perform in, CORLEONE: THE SHAKESPEAREAN GODFATHER. Danielle Klaudt shares her experience so far on working on the production. 

Working on Corleone has been a fantastic opportunity to study how professional actors work from the inside out. I get to see what is expected of an actor on the first day of rehearsal, through to performance. It's been especially valuable to watch Mindy work the actors through Shakespearean text. In most fields of work, you'd get some sort of on-the-job orientation on your first day. As an actor, you really just have to "fake it 'till you make it" and figure it out on the go. So something like this is such a precious opportunity to learn the ropes without a lot of expectation. It's also been incredible getting to know actresses I've admired on-stage on a personal basis. I am especially wowed by the work Corina takes on as a self-producing performer. Not only did she do the grunt work to get the production off the ground, she is designing sound and working through a leading role. I can really relate to how challenging that is as I take on a similar process in the miniature for my own apprentice projects. For me, this is what the apprenticeship is all about: transitioning from a school environment to a professional production.

-Danielle Klaudt

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