Thursday, February 02, 2017

corleone: the shakespearean godfather | interview | mindy parfitt

Mindy Parfitt is an award winning director, and performer. She has a diverse directing resume which includes directing sex workers and their allies in the HOOKER MONOLOGUES, to world premieres at the Arts Club. We are thrilled to have Mindy directing, CORLEONE: THE SHAKESPEAREAN GODFATHER, opening this Friday on the PT stage. Ladies and gentleman, introducing the fabulous Mindy Parfitt!

We’ve layered a few concepts on top of each other with this production (Shakespeare, pop culture/The Godfather, and women playing all roles). How do you think these concepts will interact and benefit each other?

I think the use of Shakespearean language encourages the audience to see this story with fresh eyes. Having women playing men allows us to experience these familiar characters in a new way. We were working through the fight scenes the other day in rehearsal and I thought how fantastic it is to see women being this physical. It is rare that women get to play parts in which they get to really fight each other.

What should audiences expect from women playing the male roles, and how does that interact with the storytelling?

I think the audience will be surprised at how easily they forget about women playing men. We have four young women playing the chorus, which allows us an extra layer of commentary about this very masculine story. As they guide the audience through the play, they provide a youthful perspective that is cautionary. They allow us to consider, and be aware of, the female voice and how much it has (or has not) changed in our society.

What is your favourite thing about the script? What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

I love the imagery. And how it switches from very intimate to very funny. I think the biggest challenge will be providing enough of a nod to Godfather, the movie and book, while at the same time supporting the audience in having a new experience of this story.

How do you see this play as fitting into the Pacific Theatre space?

I think that Classic Chic having the opportunity to partner with an established organization exposes the work of the company to a new audience base. Pacific Theatre has a great reputation for supporting the work of local artist and I think this is another great example of this. Having the opportunity to rehearse in the venue prior to opening is a rare gift and one that will allow the show to find its roots within the walls of the theatre.

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