Tuesday, February 07, 2017

corleone: the shakespearean godfather | responses

"Director Mindy Parfitt and the artists of Classic Chic take the script seriously and deliver an emotionally resonant and physically handsome interpretation. ... Playing Michael, Stefania Indelicato brings commanding intelligence, stillness and depth. And, with thickened eyebrows and painted-on sideburns, she is smolderingly handsome. Nicola Lipman plays the don, Vito Corleone, with a persuasive sense of moral exhaustion and cold confidence. And I also particularly enjoyed Michelle Martin as the macho Carlo and Colleen Winton as the sinister Sollozzo, who is the head of a rival family." | Colin Thomas

"Puzo and Coppola fans will love Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather. ... Resisting any urge to cast the role to mimic Brando’s performance, director Mindy Parfitt finds the perfect replacement in the diminutive Lipman. Confident but never brash, there is a singular familial vision that is at times chilling." | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"Among Corleone’s standouts are Corina Akeson, also the sound designer, who shines as both Sonny Corleone and Johnny Fontane, and Christina Wells Campbell, Classic Chic’s artistic director, who earns every laugh she gets for her turn as Luca Brasi, the Don’s well-meaning but dim, malapropism-inclined muscle. Kaitlin Williams is lively and vibrant in her small role as Kay, Michael’s put-upon love interest. ... It’s an all-too-rare joy to see so many different women, from so many different demographics, occupying the stage together." | Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight

"The play is worth watching for Nicola Lipman’s portrayal of Vito Corleone (the Godfather) alone. Her quiet, understated strength and carriage are beyond remarkable. Stefania Indelicato portrays Michael as a reserved character suddenly galvanized into action because of an act of treachery against his father and brother. He is motivated by revenge." | Margaret Ritchie | Church for Vancouver

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