Thursday, April 06, 2017

valley song | responses

W're in our final week of VALLEY SONG. Here are some media responses to the show.

Valley Song plays March 24-Apr 8, 2017 at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, BC

"David Adams is tender and nuanced as both grandfather and author. His rage is a prism containing a rainbow of feelings that seem to tumble just beneath the surface. It is Sereana Malani though who highlights the show. Oscillating between sad country matron and joyful hero, her range is as subtle as it is wide. Coupled with a voice that stole the air from the room, she is a theatrical feat waiting to happen... Valley Song is a story of acceptance. Of who you are, what you want, and what your duty is to yourself and others. Like a humble primrose, Valley Song isn’t showy. It’s just true. And there’s a great deal of beauty in that." | Chelsey Stuyt, Vancouver Presents

"Jovanni Sy’s production, originally produced for Richmond’s Gateway Theatre, offers a clear and moving snapshot of that transitional moment in a few people’s lives." | Jerry Wasserman, VancouverPlays

"Sereana Malani, who is playing Veronica, delivers the most thorough transformation I’ve seen from her. Not only does the character’s tricky South African accent tumble out of her like music, Malani brings charming playfulness and grit to the role. And the scene in which Veronica tenderly calms Buks, who has mistaken her for her dead mother, is moving. David Adams also does solid work as Buks and the Author. The moment in which Buks falls into old patterns of submission when addressing the white man is sharply painful." - Colin Thomas

"A well-executed performance for sure, this, that will appeal to thoughtful folks wanting some wee insight into the world of South Africa, old and new." | Baird Blackstone, Broken Leg Reviews

"An entertaining, thought-provoking story of love, loss and the inevitability of change." | Judy Robb, My Van City

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