Tuesday, July 04, 2017

july 12-15 | still the kettle sings

Our friends at Plan Z Theatre present, THE KETTLE SINGS, running on the PT stage from July 12th-15th! Come support the all female dream team in this brand new devised piece created and performed by many PT artists.

You’re sitting in your Mom’s kitchen, listening to her casually tell you over a cup of tea about something jaw dropping she once did. You are floored - you almost don’t believe her. You're still reeling from the first when you suddenly realise there could be more...

“Mom, tell me another story,”

In her words you are suddenly whisked away into a world that is somehow recognisable and somehow a dream, the lightness of childhood and the gravity of age juxtaposed. She transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary within each sentence. Then it hits you, you realise she herself is the adventure and her life the magnificent tapestry she weaves with her stories.

This is a brand new Canadian play devised from actual interviews with these extraordinary ordinary women. Featuring childbirth, corn chips, verbatim text, joy, fear, original music, and a whole lot of perseverance. Devised theatre at its finest and boldest.

Direction • Eleanor Felton
Assistant Direction • Shelby Bushell
Set Design • Sarah Mabberley
Lighting Design • Sophie Yufei Tang
Stage Management • Linnea Antos
Original Music • Mikaela Fuqua

Featuring • Jenna Gru, Jill Raymond, Shona Struthers, and Shelby Wyminga

Tickets $20 at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3015407
It runs July 12-15 at 8pm, no matinees
General Seating

"Storytelling is vital to the human experience! Stories allow us to see into another person's reality, entertain what it might be like to be in their shoes. I would venture to say that without stories, the world would be incredibly devoid of compassion and empathy. Story telling helps us understand where we may have come from, who we are, and who we aren't. It gives us the opportunity to consider how we may improve society/the world by inviting others in."| Jenna Grubaugh | Actor

"I think [the storytelling] comes in two parts, the sense that someone wants to listen, and the bravery to share. This show will provide a space for both: We will ask for stories, and we will become the voice to share it widely. I also hope it will inspire daughters and sons to actively ask their Mom or Grandma about their lives." | Eleanor Felton | Director

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