Friday, January 12, 2018

ruined | about dark glass theatre

Dark Glass Theatre was created by one of our PT family artists: Angela Konrad (OUTSIDE MULLINGAR, WIT). We are so excited to have RUINED, their first professional production here in our season. Here is a little more about Dark Glass, in their own words.

Dark Glass Theatre exists to tell stories that enable us to see, face to face, people we might not otherwise meet, thereby decreasing judgement, increasing compassion, and fostering empathy.

We believe that one of the most damaging forces at work in our world is the demonizing of the “other.” Whether separated by trauma, social standing, religion, race, sexual orientation, geography, age, or gender, breaking down barriers begins with a willingness to see beyond labels like “oppressed” and “oppressor.” As we come face to face with another’s perspective, without judgement, we are empowered to act in love. And that action can change the world.

We aspire to tell stories that build bridges between groups or individuals separated by discord or trauma, and to equip individuals to explore and express their own stories of forgiveness and healing.

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