Friday, January 19, 2018

ruined | meet the crew

The crew of Dark Glass Theatre's RUINED are building truly ambitious, worthy work. We asked them about why the play matters to them.

Angela Konrad | Director
The opportunity to raise awareness about the situation in the Congo.The opportunity to put a human face on the statistics. The opportunity to do what we can to combat sexual violence and speak out for women whose personhood goes unrecognized. The opportunity to work with such an incredible cast of underrepresented and overtalented individuals."
Jessica Garden | Producer/Assistant Director
"There is nothing I’d rather do than tell meaningful stories through the theatrical arts."

Trevor McMahan | Stage Manager
"Ruined provides the opportunity to tell a powerful, engaging, underrepresented story about the genocide in the DRC, a longstanding crisis that doesn’t get much media coverage in the West. I think it’s important to hear stories that challenge us and engender empathy for others we may not otherwise meet, and I’m thrilled to work with Dark Glass Theatre, a company that understands that and wants to use stories to change the world."

Jillian White | Lighting Designer

Carolyn Rapanos | Set Designer
"I am excited that this play draws much-needed attention to a place of extreme conflict and does so primarily through the voices of the women living there."

Megan Gilron | Costume Designer
I'm really excited to work on a play that has cultural relevance and deals with difficult subject matter that can awaken the audience to a different way of life. It brings the war on women to the forefront and fuels my activism in our current political climate.

Mariam Barry | Assistant Stage Manager/Understudy
Honouring our ancestors, as a collective of black voices, by telling stories of our native homelands.

Jennifer Jantsch | Props
The story is universal, even though it is set in the Congo. It has many deep truths and can be related to by many people. I find it a moving, powerful, and uplifting play. It is a story that needs to be told.

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