Thursday, April 12, 2018

bar mitzvah boy | favourite lines

We're in the final stretch for BAR MITZVAH BOY! With only a few performances to go, we asked our cast and playwright to share their favourite lines from the show with us.

GINA CHIARELLI (Rabbi Michael):

"You're not a man yet."

Tikkun olum: "kindness for the sake of creating a better world."


"If G-d had known about Hawaiian pizza, there would have been a loophole in this whole Kosher thing."

"The last time I dated a Jewish girl, I was 10 years old. She socked me in the arm; that meant we were going steady."

MARK LEIREN-YOUNG (playwright):

Joey: "If G-d had known about Hawaiian pizza there would have been loopholes in this whole kosher thing."

Michael: "We can believe in G-d and not believe Noah somehow rounded up breeding pairs of giraffes and gophers and chipmunks in the forests of Gomorrah. Metaphors, parables, stories, fairy tales. What matters is the message at the heart of them."

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