Monday, April 16, 2018

sideshow | performer spotlight | daniel chai

Up next in our SIDESHOW performer spotlight, is none other than Daniel Chai. We are excited to have him join us for SIDESHOW on Friday and Saturday! (And don't forget, all week we also have Jalen Saip's apprentice production of LOVE/SICK playing at 7:30pm. See both on the weekend for only $20 with the promo code DOUBLEBILL.)

Describe improv in three words:

Fast, Unexpected, Fun.

What is your favourite improv memory?

I have so many favourite improv memories, but one of the most memorable is the first ever Improv Against Humanity shows with The Fictionals. We workshopped the show for months, but still had no idea how it was going to work with a live audience! When the crowd for the first show was lined up out the door, and everyone shouted "HUMANITY" with us for the first time, I knew we had created something special!

What's your current obsession?

I am obsessed with comic books! When I need to relax or unplug for awhile, I pick up a graphic novel and get lost in a brand new world! One day I would like to write my own!

Who should be an improvisor, but isn't?

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark - I think they would be a good improv duo!

If improv were a food, what would it be?

Improv would be pizza, because there are many different combinations of ingredients for different tastes, and we all agree that pizza is awesome!

Where else do you perform:

I perform with The Fictionals Comedy Co. every Tuesday at Cafe Deux Soleils, monthly at the Rio Theatre, and at conventions and special events around Vancouver. You can also catch me on your screens in various shows and commercials!

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