Friday, July 06, 2018

jul 11 | tom pickett | jazz vespers

Wish I was in town!  (Well, actually, if I was in town, I'd wish I was in Tofino. And I am in Tofino. So I guess I don't know what to wish. Okay, I got it - I wish Tom was singing in Tofino!)  
You'll remember Tom from many landmark Pacific Theatre shows.  MASTER HAROLD... AND THE BOYS in 2000, HOSPITALITY SUITE in 2001, PLAYLAND in 2003 and then again opposite Michael Kopsa in 2010, DOMINO HEART and SHADOWLANDS in 2005, DRIVING MISS DAISY in 2007 - a role he recently reprised at Rosebud, THE WHIPPING MAN in 2015, and RUINED this past February.

But you've also heard him sing!  In a gospel quartet in Morris Ertman's touring version of TENT MEETING in 2001, at CHRISTMAS PRESENCE and other PT events now and then, and spectacularly in TESTAMENT last spring. And if you heard that, you'll want to hie thyself thither unto Brentwood Pres and soak up some fine jazz Evensinging!

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Tom Pickett said...

Thank you so much for the shout out. In the style of my eclectic self we truly have something for everybody. Hope to see you there except those stuck in Tofino:-)