Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Presence Preview: Meet Michael Hart

Michael Hart, a fantastic and prolific local musician and worship leader, will be joining the troupe for CHRISTMAS PRESENCE tonight! If you don't already have your tickets (only a few left!), he will also be performing this Saturday, December 19th in Abbotsford. So you can breathe - you haven't missed your chance!

"For over a decade he's been sculpting some of the most thoughtful and soulful Christian music available, skillfully renewing both heart and mind. Hart's music style is wonderfully eclectic: a mix of hymn, ballad, blues, medieval, pop and rock even a taste of country. The variety would be, in less agile hands, bewildering. In Hart's hands he manages all with adeptness making each musical genre his own element. For fans, Lord of the Mountain is the work we have been waiting for from Michael, distilling his deep intelligence as a songwriter and his passion as a man after God's own heart". -Mark Buchanan, on Michael's album
Lord of the Mountain. From his website.

PT: Introduce yourself.
MH: Michael Hart, recording artist, songwriter

PT: How long have you been involved in Christmas Presence?
MH: 20 years

PT: What's your favourite aspect of being involved in CP?
MH: Having fun, seeing the Arts touch people's lives.

PT: What other music-related projects are you working on right now?
MH: Just finished a retrospective CD " So Far So Good"

PT: If you weren't playing music, what would you spend your time doing?
MH: Probably teaching or pastoring

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