Thursday, May 16, 2013

june 12-29 | you are very star

Craig Erickson was last seen in LEAVE OF ABSENCE but has been on our stage many times over the years and now he has written a show for The Electric Company!

Be Transported: You Are Very Star

VANCOUVER, BC: The Electric Company, known for their innovative, spectacle-infused and thought-provoking work, is pleased to present You Are Very Star, an immersive, transmedia event. Part live theatre, part site-specific, interactive experience, You Are Very Star will take place at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver’s beloved Planetarium, June 12-29, 2013.

Part One: Orbiting the Cusp of Greatness (written by Craig Erickson with story development with Kevin Kerr), takes place in 1968, and will be experienced in the auditorium of the basement of the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. The Interlude (by Georgina Beaty, Kevin Kerr, Naomi Sider and Veronique West), takes place in the Cosmic Courtyard and Lobby. Part Two: Transcendence (written by Kevin Kerr; story development with Sarah Sharkey), takes place in the Star Theatre in 2048, a world where we live inside technology, and are able to create conscious copies of ourselves. You Are Very Star struggles with centuries-old questions a large as the universe: Why are we here? What is our purpose? And can we transcend this earth—physically or mentally?

“The journey of the piece is an exploration of our relationship to dream and memory and how we negotiate the world we inhabit in relation to our expectations of the future and our memories of the past,” says writer Kevin Kerr. “Some believe that accelerating advancements in technology are destined to bring about an ultimate transformation of human consciousness and the birth of a new species that can design its future evolution. It sounds crazy, and it probably is, but there’s something in us that believes we can “beat the system”, to cheat death, to ultimately solve the riddle, why are we here? I love that we quest for that answer, but I wonder about the costs incurred as we do.”

You Are Very Star features Patti Allan, Dalal Badr, Kathleen Duborg, Chirag Naik, Marsha Regis and Michael Rinaldi. Direction by David Hudgins, Set and Costumes by Naomi Sider, Lighting by Adrian Muir, Video by Parjad Sharifi, Sound by Troy Slocum, and Transmedia Direction by Blake William Turner.

You Are Very Star
SCHEDULE: Tuesdays – Sundays June 12-29, 8pm | Matinees: Sundays, 2pm | Thursdays (June 13 & 20), 12pm | Previews: June 12-14, 8pm, June 13, 12pm | Opening: June 15, 8pm | Industry Matinee:June 20, 12pm |

TICKETS:  $30 regular performances, $15 for previews, $20 for Industry Matinee | Tix: Brown Paper Tickets |

VENUE: All performances take place at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut Street, in Vanier Park.

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