Wednesday, June 06, 2018

apprentice project | tigers be still

TOLKIEN is about to close, and then we move right into our apprentices' year-end projects! First up will be Jalen Saip's production of TIGERS BE STILL.

TIGERS BE STILL by Kim Rosenstock
June 13-16 at 8pm
Tickets $15 ($10 for students)
Buy tickets HERE.

TIGERS BE STILL is a comedy that follows the misadventures of Sherry Wickman, a young woman who has recently earned her maters degree in art therapy only to find herself moving back home. Unemployed and overwhelmed, Sherry retreats to her childhood bed and remains there until an unexpected employment opportunity gives her a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

“Tigers Be Still will leave you with a tender ache for those moments when we all make decisions to move on, not necessarily to ‘happily ever after’ but to whatever comes next.” – The Boston Globe

“Piercing, ferocious and devastatingly hilarious.” - The New York Times

Directed by Jess Garden of Dark Glass Theatre.
Featuring apprentice Jalen Saip and talented local actors Keara Barnes, Keenan Marchand and Stephen Elcheshen.

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