Tuesday, June 05, 2018

tolkien | audience responses

"Outstanding. Riveting. A must-see."
- Tom Cooper

"Magical. It felt like I was eavesdropping on history."
- Reinier Van De Poll

"So inspiring and affirming that it brought me to tears in the first act. Then when I saw how Tolkien and Lewis's artistic and religious convictions could create such a gulf between them as friends, it confronted me in my own attitudes and brought up so many questions. Chief among them is, how important are your convictions, artistic, religious, or otherwise, that you would allow them to erode a relationship that is potentially so rich and vital?"
- Karl Petersen

Such a stunning production! It was incredible to see these literary giants – these writers who have been with me from childhood into adulthood with their profound thoughts and stories – embodied so truthfully. The writing and performances captured both their almost otherworldly brilliance and their basic human struggles in a way that made these men completely relatable. A mesmerizing night of theatre. Huge congrats to all involved!
- Julie Lynn Mortenson

"A splendid show, splendidly performed."
Diana Maureen Sandberg

"So well done, so interesting and so intelligent. I attend many theater productions each year in Vancouver and this will be my favorite for 2018 (with apologies to productions not yet seen)."
- Karin Sipko

"Stellar performance, excellent cast. Also, I learned something cool about PT tonight. They take great care to make their props all exceedingly authentic, because the space is so intimate. So, for this production, the copy of Screwtape Letters that shows up in the third act is a first edition, and Farthing inscribed it as if it were CSL inscribing to Tolkien. (I wonder if that's going to fool some antiquities dealer 50 years from now. The manuscript for Lord of the Rings isn't just a pile of blank paper with the cover page; it is an actual print-out of LOTR! And that's a LOT of words on pages. Very impressive. And the chalkboard that Tolkien writes on in the beginning of the play is full of actual Anglo-Saxon. No detail is too small!"
- Rosie Perera

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